Yellowstone Books


Recommended Book

Silence & Solitude: Yellowstone's Winter Wilderness
by Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy is a fixture in Yellowstone. His photography can be seen everywhere in visitor centers and brochures. He is also featured in the famous PBS documentary "Christmas in Yellowstone".

I have never been to Yellowstone in the winter, but Silence & Solitude makes me want to go!

You should also check out the author's website at!

128 pages, published 2001

Yellowstone: A Land of Wild and Wonder

by Christopher Cauble

120 pages, published 2016

Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone

by I-Ting Chiang

72 pages, published 2018

Portrait of Jackson Hole & the Tetons

by Henry Holdsworth and Charlie Craighead

120 pages, published 2007

Yellowstone and Grand Teton Wildlife Portfolio

by Henry Holdsworth

120 pages, published 2003

Yellowstone Wild and Beautiful

by Fred Pflughoft

120 pages, published 2000

Essential Yellowstone: 50 Unforgettable Places

by Susan M. Neider

160 pages, published 2018

Yellowstone Yesterday & Today

by Paul Horsted with Bob Perry

160 pages, published 2012

The Comfort of Autumn: The Seasons of Yellowstone

by Tom Murphy

140 pages, published 2006

The Light of Spring: The Seasons of Yellowstone

by Tom Murphy

144 pages, published 2003

Yellowstone Migrations

by Joe Riis et al.

176 pages, published 2017

Images of America: Yellowstone National Park

by Lee H. Whittlesey and Elizabeth A Watry

128 pages, published 2008

Yellowstone: A Photographic Journey

by Stephen C. Hinch

80 pages, published 2017

Classic Yellowstone: The Best of the World's First National Park

by Susan M. Neider

 pages, published 2015

Yellowstone Near, Far, and Wild

by David Peterson

136 pages, published 2014

The Abundance of Summer: The Seasons of Yellowstone

by Tom Murphy

 pages, published 2010

The Spirit of Winter: The Seasons of Yellowstone

by Tom Murphy

 pages, published 2010

Yellowstone National Park: Popular Natural Scenery Series

by Julian Coallier

78 pages, published 2018