Yellowstone Books


Recommended Book

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears: Ecology and Conservation of an Icon of Wilderness
by Yellowstone Association

A lot of people have strong opinions about wildlife management and ecology.

This is apparent from the books available on the topic, many of them are very one sided. I recommend you read reviews about the book and read up on the author before purchasing a book that disappoints you.

I ended up reading Yellowstone Grizzly Bears: Ecology and Conservation of an Icon of Wildness published by the Yellowstone Association (a non-profit associated with the National Park). It covers quite a bit of history and as a layman reader I got the impression that I am getting a fair review.

298 pages, published 2017

Yellowstone Ranger

by Jerry Mernin

376 pages, published 2016

Yellowstone Cougars: Ecology before and during Wolf Restoration

by Tony K. Ruthe et al.

336 pages, published 2019

Deep Into Yellowstone

by Rick Lamplugh

294 pages, published 2017

In the Temple of Wolves: A Winter's Immersion in Wild Yellowstone

by Rick Lamplugh

186 pages, published 2013

Taken by Bear in Yellowstone: More Than a Century of Harrowing Encounters between Grizzlies and Humans

by Kathleen Snow

352 pages, published 2016

Protecting Yellowstone: Science and the Politics of National Park Management

by Michael J. Yochim

281 pages, published 2013

After the Fires: The Ecology of Change in Yellowstone National Park

by Linda L. Wallace

400 pages, published 2011